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About 4 days ago I began to experience a severe soar throat and difficulty and pain when swallowing. I tried to take a look at my throat, and it seemed as though there was a white bump on the part of the throat the uvula is connected to but on the left side, or maybe it was my tonsil. Along with those symptoms I have begun to experience body aches (Stiffness of the neck, sharp pains in my legs, back ache), occasional head and lower stomach aches, congestion, and chest pains/difficulty breathing. What do these symptoms point to?


Hello there Achinthroat,

All your symptoms are referring to flu. Everything you have described (even though you haven’t mentioned anything about the fever, but in case if you don’t have fewer than you are probably suffering from a cold or maybe just mild case of flu ). If you don’t want to see your doctor you should try to eat healthier (try to apply healthy diet even when you are not sick) and because of your sore throat it would be wise to eat chicken soup. Tea with honey and lemon is best known home remedy for all the symptoms of the flu so use it.

If the symptoms aren’t gone in a few days than you will need to consult your doctor.