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So for about the past week and a half I've had the following symptoms.
-Sore throat
-Ear Pain at Times (Not all the time)
-Trouble Swallowing
-Semi stuffy nose
-and coughing

Sometimes its hard for me to sleep at night, but I've found that taking Theraflu has been really helpful. Anyone have any idea what I have, cause I can't seem to find it.


Seems to me like it might be the flu, especially when you consider the fact that flu medicine like Theraflu helps you. Do you have aches in your legs or shoulders? Or fever? Flu usually goes away in about week or so, if all the signs like sore throat don’t start easing off in that time it might not be the flu virus that is causing all this, it also could be bacterial infection like strep. Have you checked how your tonsils look? Common thing for strep throat are white patches on tonsils and fever is usually higher and more persistent than with flu.