I have not had sex 3months before I started dating again. Been in a relationship for a month now we had sex the first time everything was normal, the second time & the next day I developed sores on my buttcheeks I thought it was a chemical reaction to my hair remover 'Nair' then the next day I developed sores on my vagina. Now I'm freaking out that it could be herpes. It did not have any discharge they were just like painful ulcers.. They burned when I had to urinate & itch.. I went to see the doctor did a vaginal exam & blood test.. I got the results that everything was negative except HSV which were not ready. He told me that its most likely a bacterial infection he prescribed me medication & referred me to a gynaecologist since mine was out of island. Saw the gyno she did another vaginal exam to go test for any culture with regards to HSV. Prescribed me medication which is for yeast infection. I also have the mirena IUD in my uterus which has prevented me from seeing my period for months now, she said that the IUD has to be romoved & I'm scheduled for an ultrasound & get my HSV results on the 30th Wednesday. I'm really hoping its not HSV