Okay guys this is a series of unfortunate events but I really need help finding out what's the problem . 

It started off Friday . Me and my boyfriend got the dirtiest motel room in the city to have sex in. I mean, soon as you walked in it smelled like straight cigs. My boyfriend "checked " for bed bugs but didn't see anything . We had sex that night . I did use some of the towels to wipe my vagina off each round of sex . 


The whole day Saturday I was completely fine . 

Sunday morning I woke up with extremely wet panties. I would have thought that I peed on myself . I didn't think too much about it . But later that day I experienced more discharge than usual . It was clear watery looking . my third time peeing I felt some burning sensation . I took a peek in the mirror and realized the opening of my vag had cuts . I thought maybe cause of the rough sex . Monday morning it got worse . I develop tiny bumps in the lips of my vagina . I thought it could have been razor bumps because i did use dollar store razor(which I NEVER use) to shave Friday . At first it didn't hurt but then they started to blister up giving me pain . Some bumps were red and some were white , looking like an infected ingrown hair . I called up my gyno to take a look and she did say it looked like herpes . I got my test results back the next day 


The HSV 1/2 ANTIBODY SCREEN W/rfx came back negative 

The HSV 1 and 2 IGG came back negative 

The culture swab came back POSITIVE for HSV2 only 


My boyfriend just got tested last month and swears up and down he haven't been with anyone else . I know for a fact I've only been with him too the last time I got tested I was negative for everything . I have a feeling that I don't have herpes but an infection from that hotel room towels or bed sheets because NOW I'm experiencing itchy buttcheeks . I'm  receiving tiny bumps on my butt that itch like crazy . They are not blood or oust filled, it looks like a regular rash bump. I hope it's not scabies but that's better than herpes right ? Lol 

What do you guys think ? Two negative test one positive .