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hi ladies and gentlemen!! I need a consultation!
I made a check up of my sperms
results 1; spermgramm
volume 3ml.
colour L
concetration 69.1
movements a 54%
b 10%
c 1%
d 35%
round cells, mln/ml 4.10
cells spermatogenetion, mln/ml 3.10
conclussion; normal sperms
result 2; morphology of spermatozoid
normal 38%
head defects 60%
defects middle side 1%
defects tails 1%
conclussion; not mentioned

now doctors/specialists please I am worried about the results.
i am expecting to go back for consultation with a doctor, but its very expensive, may be I can get ideas of the situation that the % for head defects is too big. can my sperm have an ability to break the wall of an ovum and pregnant a woman?
when I collected my results the secretary simply told me that my sperm are normal. If I need consultation I should contact a doctor and is not for free. even for this test, I stop socializing for two month to pay for it. its too expensive for me.
Please analize my result and tell me...... something for life.
I will appreciate any ideas!!!


Gosh that is really a heavy duty request !! Think tho if your doctors secretary told you all normal, i would go with that. The stats you provided all to complicated for me