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Now and again we get a question on precum so letsa clear it up now shall we?!

Q2. What are the chances of getting pregnant from this ('withdrawal' and pre-ejaculate)?

There is no way anyone could give you the odds on a pregnancy without an ejaculation as there are many variables involved. There could be a very small number of active sperm in your pre-ejaculate, but could those swim and fertilize and egg? Who knows. Did your partner ovulate, etc. There is no way to calculate this risk. Don't have unprotected sex, ever. Unless you want to conceive. The worrying and waiting is not worth the risk of taking a chance! If you know you ejaculated, then you might talk to your partner about emergency contraception. I am not recommending that here, just mentioning it as a very, very last resort. For more read about it.


Q. If a guy did not ejaculate, how effective is this?

A. This is a similar answer to the previous question. A female can get pregnant even if the guy does not ejaculate inside of her during intercourse. Most males discharge a small amount of fluid before ejaculation. It is a clear emission that can have a high concentration of sperm. This fluid is frequently called pre-cum. It is released during sexual arousal and usually is not felt by the male. A female could get an STD (including HIV) or become pregnant, if the pre-cum was inside of her or on her vaginal area. If you were using a condom properly it is not all that likely that your partner could become pregnant from pre-cum




i have a ? about this can u get stds h.i.v etc. only if ur partner has it and ur having unprotected sex because wat if ur partners is only haveing sex with u witch he should be and u no for a fact that he doenst have it and u no u dont have it can u still get it


Okay I'll break this down because this is actually interesting..

Basic question is: If my partner and I are free of HIV, Aids, herpies, etc..

Could we we develop any of the STDs?


I'm not 100% sure about this but my intelligence is I believe if you take Birth Control pills and not use a condom/condom breaks and since the you're basically shielded from pregnancy the sperm mixes with the partners sperm and creates a disease..

But again, I'm young and this is what I've heard, So don't believe me.


Hello guys and Girls

Ill make it easier...

The Pill Only protects you from pregnancy if it is taken correctly. The Pill does not protect you from STDs. STDs are passed on through the mixing of bodily fluids, i.e sperm, vaginal fluids, blood etc.

It is neither here nor there whether your partner cheats or not. If is still FACT that you can catch diseases from unprotected sex. It is all very well saying you partner only sleeps with you, but what if he caught something from his past partners and did'nt know it? Thats why we say use protection!

In any case the Pill is not fool proof because if you are sick, have diarea, on antibiotics or miss a pill for example, the efficiancy is greatly reduced.

Hope I helped.



question, i was starting to have sex, with my partner, and i pushed in twice and the condom broke while i was pushing in the third time. i pulled out asap. and i am affraide that she might be pregnate, i was using a spermsidal comdom. but there was either the spermisidal or pre ejacklauation on my head of the penis. do i need to be worried....???


worried but not fretting. wait things out, and get a test done if you are really worried.


i didnt wear a condom and i just strated going through puberty
when i ejaculate its only few drops of clear liquid not white stuff and i had sex with my girlfriend but its was my first time and i didnt kno what i was doing so i stopped about 4 mins in i didnt feel anything so i kno i didnt cum in her and i didnt pull out and then ejaculate either

what are the chances shes pregnant?


99% of the time there is no sperm in precum, please unsticky this thread.


Interesting, I in fact read the opposite...that the sperm counts can be quite higher in pre-cum than in regular ejaculation. Now of course one can read one thing one place and find the opposite in another place but I am here to in fact to tell you that I got pregnant with my 2nd child because of pre-cum.

Hubby and I got into it one night and started before he put the condom on. As most will say, sex feels much better without the condom and it was hard for him to pull out and put one on. He did after a little while and when he ejaculated it was into the condom and the condom did not break. There is no other way that semen could've dripped on me or whatever (he took the condom off in the bathroom). This is also the ONLY time that we had started to have sex without a condom. 9 months later our precious baby girl was born-- yes and "accident" but she (along with her brother) are our world now and we wouldn't change a thing.

Others are not so lucky and this needs to stay as a sticky--- At 23 I had no idea pre-cum could get me pregnant, it was only after I ended up pregnant that I did the researched and realized this. Women and men alike need to realize that one can become pregnant this way.


Agreed. Precum doesn't contain sperm - sperm can be left in the urethra from a previous ejaculation, and ejaculation can occur without orgasm (you dont know you just came), but precum, as a rule of thumb, doesn't contain sperm.


ALWAYS use a condom cos they are about STIs - NOT just pregnancy.

Yes, you can get an STI if you don't use them.
Yes, you can get pregnant even if you pull out.

To the guy who did it wthout, yes, she could be pregnant. See if she has had a period since and ALWAYS use them in future. There is no excuse for teens to not know about these things these days and condoms are easy to get.

To the person who asked the first question, you CANNOT create and STI.
One of you has to have an infection to pass on.

However, condoms should be used anyways unless you are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SURE that your partner is to be trusted. People lie or just don't know about some things.


Whether pre-cum contains sperm or not is not the big issue here. This should be sticked because what if some young gun gets no warnings about getting a girl pregnant?

Perhaps he'll be excited and decide that he can pull out right before he comes and be perfectly alright. So, maybe this is his first time in a girl and OOPS! He comes because it feels REALLY NICE!

Now, at least if he had seen this sticky on the forum he might have thought twice about the pull out method.

Also, I have a question now.
So two perfectly free STD people can't create a disease. An STI.
But then, how has everyone ever gone about contracting the disease from someone else? If nobody was born with a disease, how would anybody have it? (And yes, mothers can pass it on during childbirth, but how did that mother contract it?) Where is the ROOT of STIs? I've been wondering this for a hell of a long time. It must be created somehow, not just passing on, so how does that happen?


If I remember rightly, HIV was passed onto humans from monkies somehow. Well, the monkey equivelent of what would then be known as HIV. I suppose it was a random virus mutation that was spread through the monkey population through sexual activity. I don't know if this is the case for sure to be honest.

It is DEFINATELY TRUE that one cannot CREATE HIV/AIDS from sexual activity.


When I was teaching biology, I used to tell my students about Cowper's gland. Also known as the bulbourethral gland, this tiny, pea-sized organ produces a clear liquid that typically beings flowing out through the urethra as soon as erection occurs, increasing with increasing stimulation. Its purpose is believed to be as a lubricant to aid in penetration.

When ejaculation occurs, spermatozoa are propelled through the urethra in the seminal fluid, but many thousands of spermatozoa remain behind in the glands responsible for producing semen, the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles and Mr. Cowper's diminutive namesake. These sperm cells can remain viable in the maze of ducts inside these organs for several days, fed by the nutritive components fo the seminal fluid.

Consequently, in a sexually active male--and what male isn't? (this always got a huge laugh)--the so-called "pre-coital drop," or the fluid secreted prior to and throughout intercourse by Cowper's gland, will be likely to contain hundreds of viable sperm cells, any one of which is capable of fertilizing an ovum, leading to a condition commonly known as pregnancy and its well-known sequela, the shotgun wedding.

So what do we call people who practice the "withdrawal" method of birth control?

We call them "parents." ;-)



Abstract excerpt;

'Following 2 approaches, 23 volunteers with a mean age of 28 years provided a total of 58 smears of pre-ejaculatory fluid (PEF) which were examined for sperm content and other characteristics. All but 1 of the volunteers had normal semen analysis results. Small numbers of sperm cells were found: a mean of 1.7 cells/smear (SD=6.8) ranging from 0-35 cells. 40 smears (69%) had 0 cells, 15 (25.9%) had 1-5 cells, and 3 smears (5.2%) had from 10-35 cells'

This says clearly that our of 23 people 69% had 0 cells in a single smear. that means you have a chance of having "some" cells, about 31% chance. if you read the remainder of the data found here, you'll see that the sperm were rarely (in these cases, almost not at all) viable, this means technically this study gives a good case for preejaculatory fluids not being the case for pregnancy... Does this mean there is NO chance, absolutely not. A lot of things go into this and data of the abstract is very concise, at least 41hr since last ejaculation, and 2 urinations since. In these cases the sperm is going to be less, as according to the paper. However, let's assume one masturbated an hour before, has not urinated, and then has sex...the preejaculatory fluid MAY VERY WELL CONTAIN A LOT OF VIABLE SPERM. While this wasn't tested in this, it's a very good assumption. How motile and proper these post ejaculatory remnants will be, I don't know, but I'd not take the chance. --- source:

As for STDs, to clear up some previous questions, although they've been adressed.

A) STDs do not occur spontaneously, eg. they do not form just because you have sex with no protection.

B) taking birth control for women, is a good idea, for pregnancy avoidance (they're a good 99.999% effective AS LONG AS YOU TAKE THEM AT THE SAME TIME DAILY AND DON'T MISS, if you miss a pill, take it as soon as possible and avoid unprotected (use a condom in this time) sex for at least 3 weeks...)

C) You cannot tell if someone has an STD, it's impossible. You can sometimes SEE results of an STD (herpes/syphilis have outward physical signs) BUT these signs aren't always there and the carrier can still pass the disease to you.

D) Its a good idea to always use condoms AND birth control, at least until you're in a 100% committed relationship (and I don't mean almost the whole semester here, I'm talking post high school etc.) and still make sure birth control is being used until you're ready to have kids.

E) all sexual fluids can carry STDs, female and male alike. HOWEVER this is not your only worry. HPV for example is spread by cellular contact, not fluids, so even "dry touching" of sexual organs could conceivably pass this. same goes for herpes, syphilis, although I would imagine these are also fluid transferable. The blood borne pathogen (HIV) in particular is actually spread via circulatory entrance, (unfortunately sex tends to be a traumatic experience, causing small tears, friction rubs, etc that open up the circulatory system however small it may be, still capable of passing along the virus. )

In regards to (E) I don't wish to lessen the fear of HIV, however, to maintain factuality I must submit this;

"Seven (3.52%) of the 199 women (95% confidence interval, 1.55% to 7.41%) who were artificially inseminated with semen from any of five HIV-infected donors and consented to HIV testing tested HIV-seropositive." This shows that only seven of the 199 that used Artificial Insemination from HIV positive donors became seropositive (positive test via blood)... This is far from a 100%, but still shows that semen itself can feasibly pass HIV, whether there was blood in the donated semen of 1 or more donors does not appear to be known as per the paper. -- source

The thing is, semen / preejaculatory fluid may carry HIV, but to actually "infect" you it must pass into the blood stream, which it only requires but a small entry point, microscopic cuts/tears etc.

Again always wear protection, however slight the risk seems.