I had my princess on June 21st 2014 and right now as I type, my baby is 10 months old. I had to have and emergency csection due to my princess heart rate dropping,, the nurse who suppose to support my shoulders while I'm leaning far as I can hunched over on a pillow,,to recieve my spinal tap, walks off to do something, I didn't think anything of it because I'm like we'll maybe she doesn't have to support my shoulders to just walk off, when I was told she wasn't suppose to walk off she was suppose to be your supporter, while you get prepped to be poked,,,okay long story short when she walked off the doctor who was doing my spinal tap kept pushing and pushing on my back, I was like wait I don't wanna fall, then I said wait it hurts, he ask, ( it hurts ) I said yes,,he tried proceeding without me having a supporter, so when she came back she tells me I need you to sit still as possible so that he doesn't stick you wrong and paralyze you, that scared me so I sat still as a brick loge into place, so he re-did my spinal tap, I mentioned that to my cousin she said he stuck you twice i replied ( girl yes ) she says he was not suppose to even attempt to stick you without your supporter, then especially when you said it hurt, he should have said i can move further until she come support your shoulders, my cousin in I was back and forth on this procedure, now moving forward I'm trying to find out what can I do about the situation, because as I mentioned my baby 10mths now and I can't stand long without my whole back hurting extremely bad,making all my hips and legs hurt, then I can lay on my tummy like I use to do, to sleep because I literally get stuck that way in so much pain to where I have to slide out the bed while still on my tummy and stand up slowly saying ( lord have mercy,,Jesus my back) it hurts so bad. So now I sleep just on my sides, scared to sleep on my tummy because that pain was so unbearable, please tell me what I can do about this because I know this ain't normal. If cleaning up taking breaks every 5-10minutes crying bout my hips and back and legs, if cooking same repeat, if showering, have to sit at times to bathe, what is happening to me? What did they do? What can I do? Please Serious replies Only, I'm 33 with two kids under the age of three, with my 1st csection, Thanx for reading God Bless You All,,And to those who may comment thanx for listening