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hi . I have a family member that has to have an spinal tap on march the 12th . . . Do yall know what a spinal tap is ? ? ? I could use ur help ! The family member is my mother!! Thanks


hello yes i had a spinal tap back in 1996 after my son was born cuz i had a tubligation...and the spinal tap didnt take so they had to put me to sleep, the day after i couldn't lift my head due to them putting an air bubble in the spine, so i had to be rushed to the hospital and have what they call a blood patch done to fill the bubble with your own blood... it was so scary i could of died if the air bubble would of reached my brain...every since then little by little my body has lots of nerve and back damage and other problems...I hope that yours goes great, i think mine was just a fluke but iam sure there are others that it has happened to...good luck and hope all goes well!! :)