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I had a spinal tap don two days ago and I'm in TONS OF PAIN due to lower back pain as well as upper I'm in agony is this suppose to happen???!???!?!?



I'm afraid that there is a risk that some percent of people who have spinal tap done end up experiencing side effects after the procedure - and with headache, back pain spreading towards your legs are among the most common. Usually this is caused by small injuries caused by the procedure itself and there's nothing much that can be done then to rest and wait until it heals. However, since there is always some risk of infection and since you're in too much pain, you should definitely call the office where you had the procedure done and make sure they know you're having side effects and need at least pain relief, if not a follow up visit as well if the pain doesn't subside in the next few days.

Wish you all the best,