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HI. I have a 19 month old girl. From 5 months she dropped in weight and as from 9 months we have been going to hospital for tests. She went through a fecal occult blood test several times and always had a positive result. She had a endoscopy and colonoscopy and result was she had an ulcer which was removed but was nothing and bleeding could not been coming from the ulcer. She then went through a Meckels scan and results were normal as well. Now we just had result of fecal occult blood test again. This time 1 sample marked negative while another 2 marked negative. Moreover, as from 9 months we stopped giving her normal milk and she is now having hypo allergenic milk and soya and she has gained weight from when we stopped giving her normal milk. Her mother is lactose intolerant. Now her doctor wants to do CT scan and we are afraid of effects of radiation. What could be the matter? We are very worried cos we have not had any answers yet from all the tests she underwent. She is a very alert child always playing an jumping. We are thinking maybe it could be her teething which is causing these positive results in fecal occult blood tests. With regard to blood tests she has high platelets. Looking forward for your help and guidance please. THANKS


Hi Pri,

Sometimes you have just have to accept that the benefits of the test outweigh any risks.

Have the CT scan.  If you have no other options it is in your childs best interest.

One time is insignificant.