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 Im desperate to understand my back problems ive had for over 2 years.

here is a copy of my results of my mri

Findings: The conus lies at L1. Cord signal and morphology is unremarkable. There are mild lower thoracic end plate irregularties, thoug no vertebral wedge deformity within the scan range. the lumbar pars are intact. the visual retroperitoneum is unremarkable.

L2/3 minimal facet hypertrophy
L3/4,L4/L5,L5/S1 minimal to mild facet hypertrophy. no stenosis, no neural compromise.

Conclusion: Mild spondylosis as described..

you may have noticed that MILD is mentioned but i can assure you that the pain is far from mild, it had come to a point were i could no longer bring myself to swallow 32 tablets a day i was very very depressed untill 2 weeks ago when i found out i was pregnant.

Im 29 and have suffered 4 very early misscariges and an etopic pregnancy.(2 weeks after surgery back problem began)

I honestly thought that i had no chance of getting pregnant so im rather happy about it even though im only 6 weeks and i understand that anything can happen i have went from 32 tablets a day down to 4 in the last week to give my pregnancy a chance i am extremely worried that if this pregnancy continues will it do more permanent damage to my back? what safe pain releif is there for pregnant woman? im currently taking just 2-4 tablets a day of co-codomol. 

anyone with a bit of advice would really help.

many thanks


In early pregnancy, withdrawal from taking 32 pills to 2-4 definitely was a bigger risk than most things that can happen later. But, now that you cut the dose, cocodomal is safe to use up untill 27 weeks of pregnancy because one of teh ingredients, codeine, is addictive and if you don't stop taking it completely at this point (27 weeks), there is a risk that a child might be born addicted, too and codeine itself might be dangerous in later stages of pregnancy for the baby.
As far as the spondylosis is concerned, mild means that, luckily, the condition hasn't progressed to the point where there is increase in pressure on spinal nerve roots - it still can hurt badly,  you know that far better than I do. But, pregnancy will increase the pressure on your spine, so you will need to consult with your doctor who will be able to give you the best advice considering your results and condition. Wish you all the best!



Thanks for your reply

I dont know why but a month ago i lay in my bed and cried when i realised i take 8 tablets every 4 hours and was still in pain so i decided to gradually cut it down to taking the 16 tabs a day any way as soon as i found out i was pregnant i was prepared to stop all medication even tho my doctor only advised to only stop tablets called methocarbanol that lasted a night. now i hate myself for taking the co-codomol the only withdrawals i have is not sleeping and ofcourse the pain has obviously increased. what i did notice though which i find amazing the 2 co-codomol tablets are begining to ease the pain like they used to do. my meds were
anti inflamitry

I'm not out the woods by any means that i understand however i feel somewhat relieved that i can take co-codomol every 4 hours while early pregnant.

so thans again xxx


You're welcome :)
As I said, you did make a great progress, but co-codomol is not completely risk free when taken in pregnancy, so you will have to work closely with your doctors and monitor what is going on. Methocarbanol definitely is in category C which means that it is potentially harmful to an unborn baby, so you definitely shouldn't take it, and as far as codeine (active substance from co-codomal) is concerned, it still is advised that during pregnancy, it should be taken only when benefits for the mother are greater than the risks. So, you will need to work with your doctors to control the pain and to find a way to do it in the way that is least harmful for your baby. And if you cam, try lowering the dosage slowly, even more - it still would be the best if you could cut it down to the absolute minimum that helps at least ease the pain. And, once again, you will need a lot more care from your doctors, considering pregnancy, spondylosis and medications.