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I am 22 years old i took my period on the 16th of january and im stii bleeding its the 25th it was heavey for the two days 16th and 17th i was spotting for a few days before it started is there somthing wrong with me? please help %-)


im the same way,so dont feel alone,im 27 yrs old,and i had my period on the 2nd and im still bleeding ,,i dont think theres nothing wrong ,,did u get a pap smear maybe u might have hpv,i talk to my doctor and they told me i am at high riosk of HPV,,,is a virus u can get it by sexual intercousre,,,so i dont think nothing is wrong with u,,i have the same problem ,right now mines is like spottting as well,,i sk my doctor she told me its becuz maybe its a small line of the cervix,so i dont think there nothing to be afraid of ,,but i think u migt wanna get tested for HPV. Humallin Pallvion Virus,,the only thing i can tell u do is pray,,thats what i do ,so when i do go back to the doctor they say im heal,,so pray to god,,u can contact me if u will like at _[removed]_,,

God bless,,,,,,