My last normal period was August 14th and my periods are usually regular(they have been for the past few years),heavy and comes every 36-37 days.Almost days ago(almost 2 weeks before I would have expected my period) I had some spotting that started as a pinkish colour but turned brown after a day or two.It only lasted a few days.On the 27 I started spotting again.Both times spotting I haven't had my usual pms symptoms(boob pain,bloating,cravings for chocolat and salt,and back pain).My boobs have been uncomfortable since a few days after the first time spotting ended but other than that nothing.

I'm seeing a gyno at the beginning of November due to pelvic pain I have had since July.I had an ultrasound at the end of August that revealed cysts which the doctors believe are just follicular and not the cause of my pain.

I was just wondering if anyone knew what this might be?