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I have recently been to the hospital and had a load of tests done. I have been completely cleared for any kind of medical problems, I am confused though because even CAT scans and Xrays have turned up nothing. I am having this strange sensation in my colon and anus that feels like it is being squished and squeezed it is kind of painful and uncomfortable, when I "squeeze" as if I have to go I only feel a lifting sensation in my colon but I feel Im pushing against something, also I have been having strange inconsistent bleeding accompied by a tearing and or stretching sensation. I have also had bubbling and gurgling in my abdomen but I have been cleared for pregnancy, I even asked about bugs or parasites, Im fishing for anything because I need an answer. I am having lots of pregnancy symptoms but blood and urine tests are negative, that really is the only symptoms I don't have. Actually every test that should be negative is - and every positive test is +. I need answers and help Please


Hello, IndependentLady77.  It is hard to say what it is if all the CAT scans and x-rays have showed nothing unusual.  Are you able to pass stool o.k.?  What type of stool are you having with it?  What type of pregnancy symptoms are you having?  Are you having bright red blood with the bleeding?  Did the doctor find that you have an anal fissure or hemorrhoids?  How is your appetite?  Are you able to eat without difficulty? Has the doctor find that your colon is working properly?  If you can provide more information, maybe we can figure out a solution or possible diagnosis.