So I've been in and out of the doctors for nearly a year now, 9 months give or take, because of some really strange bowel activity. For about a year and 3 months now I've had consistent diarrhea, about 6 months ago I had a stomach ulcer which medicine swiftly took care of, and general discomfort is a constant with pain coming and going. Lately I've been feeling more strange than lately, a weird sensation in my colon but not needing to poo, much more mucous than usual which comes out when I fart (and today was the first time it came out without me noticing, I. E no farting), and more bright red blood in my stool than usual. I've a colonoscopy booked at the end of this month but given the strangeness of my recent symptoms and the likelihood of me getting another doctors appt soon, I wondered if anyone on here might have shared some or all of these symptoms. I've been reading a lot of health threads around this and no one so far has had diarrhea for as long as me (like its a competition lol). I'm getting pretty nervous about it, just hoping someone could enlighten me as not knowing what's wrong is pretty frustrating.