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On a daily basis I suffer from a dull sensation or pressure in the rear of my head. I have had 2 cat scans, 1 mri, and have visited a neurologist. Everything came back negative for problems but I still have this head pressure only in the back. Is there another test that could determine what it could be? can what I'm going through potentialy be fatal? Or should I stop worrying about the pain because the doctors found nothing?


Are you a woman?
or a male?
and how long have you been getting this sensation?

I'm a woman,
and I get these as well.
A dull sensation in the back part of my head,
and sometimes only on one side.
it can be toward the bottom of the back part of my head, and sometimes in the middle. for awhile it never went away.

I've had an MRI on my brain, and everything came back normal.
My nueroligist diagnoised me with having status migrains [ a long migrain that can last up to months]
has your doctor thought it could be a migrain?

If you are a woman, hormones can trigger migrains more so than a male.
Mine are very dull most times. They used to be bad, and i would feel a heartbeat ache in the back of my head, but when they are only mild, its just a simple sensation feeling, sometimes it feels theres something *there* and i wont even have symtomps of a migrain [trailing colors, dizzyness].

if you think it could be it, you can ask your nuerologist about it, and he could maybe give you perscribed medication.. because sometimes over the counter just doesnt do it.

And as for your nerves.. 2 cat scans, and an MRI, and nothing negative shows up means there's probably nothing wrong! You are working with professionals that have seen many things. They know how to spot the fatal stuff. And besides that, there alot more symptoms to something thats fatal. I think you shouldn't worry too much about it, and hopefully it goes away with time.


have you thought about any anxiety problems? have you been abnormally stressed recently? cuz, i am 18, and have been dealing with the same problem, along with many other odd sensations in my head for a little over a year now, when i was diagnosed with GAD. Anxiety can cause a lot of odd feelings.