ok..i had my period on august 30th it was heavy and lasted 4 days.. i dont get breast tenderness or bachache during my period. but on sept.14 my boyfriend came in me and 6 days after that he been complaining of feeling nasuated and sick. he cant even change our 1 yr old diaper no more !! i only feel twinges in my breast and i had mild bach aches and tummy aches on the left side! butyestersay i started light pinkish/brownish  bleeding around 4. but i wasnt pose to come on until today and i usually can smell the blood(tmi) but i didnt smell nothing. and it was very light this morning when i got up. (i took a test sunday night it was -)and the bleeding as of today got a little heavier and now i can smell it. with my 1 child i didnt find out i was pregg until i was 14 wks. CAN I BE PREGNANT !!!