Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for the time you are dedicating to this community and this forum.

In this modern age of living there are many diseases and disorders threatening our health. Our aim is to make one step further in educating about health issues, disease/disorder prevention and possible treatments.

It's not an easy task. The main problem is lack of time we dedicate to health aspects of our lives. We're bombarded with different information during our day time, from TV, radio, newspapers. Our brains are jammed with so much information. We forget to think about our health. Until it's too late.

Our primary goal is prevention through education, so what we do through this site is try to spread the knowledge about health issues in form of news articles, general articles, newsletters, different topics, tutorials, and knowledgeable advice.

We are also oriented towards those community friends with health problems. We give our best to help them out with useful information on how to resolve their problems. We also run support campaigns, like this one with our friends from .

Everyone can contribute. That's why you're here anyway :). And we greatly appreciate this. We don't ask for anything beyond your limits, just some of your spare time to dedicate helping this community.

Your contribution may have double effect. It will help people with their specific issues and it will help you to learn more about health in general but also about human relationships, moral, tolerance and other humanity related issues.

OK, now lets see how you can most effectively contribute. You're free to participate in any discussion you may find interesting. However, our main priority are unanswered topics/posts.