So i went to the doctor thinking I had a possible UTI. They did a urine test and did tell me it was a UTI but I recently found out my boyfriend of 2 and 1/2 years was talking to other women; he hadn't confessed to me for cheating but just in case, I had the doctor do a test for both chlamydia and gonorrhea. Well, sure enough, the next day I get a call and I have chlamydia. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and found out he really was sleeping with someone else!! My doctor prescribed me nitrofurantoin, 10 pills 100mg, twice daily for five days for the UTI and azithromycin, 2 pills 500mg, 1 tablet in the morning for two days. Everything I've read doctors normally have you take both pills at a time. Has anyone else had a prescription like this? The antibiotic is still going to work being split up to get rid of this std ? I took the pills Friday morning and sat morning. Today is Monday and I'm still burning while I pee and now I have a gross discharge that wasn't there before I started both antibiotics! I know it can take up to two weeks for everything to disappear but i don't understand the discharge now when I didn't have it before. Please respond!!