Help. My name is kaela rose and  Im 18 years old and I seem to have developed a problem with mucus or phlegm. It's like they're constantly in the back of my throat isn't irritation and I've just I keep coughing and clearing my throat trying to get rid of it I've tried drinking water and it feels almost like stuck there just suction cup to my throat or something. And I don't know what to do because my doctor said that it was like nasal drainage but but I'm not sure if that's really the thing of it because it's not supposed to be sticky or thick and sticky white stuff and doesn't smell a particularly good but it doesn't smell awful either. I don't know what to do because it's like it's constantly there some constantly trying to swallow it constantly trying to clear it to  bring it up to get rid of but it doesn't seem to be working. Help me I can't focus on anything but the feeling in the back of my throat. PLZ HELP