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I had been diagnosed with gout due to high uric acid levels last summer after going in to check on my foot that hurt for "no reason" I quit drinking all together for a few months. During these months and still now that I drink occasionally; I will frequently wake up with my index and middle finger stiff. It takes some stretching and moving around to feel normal again. Is this another symptom of gout or could it be something else. Im a 25 year old male.


It is likely to be gout, yes.

I suggest you go to your local health food store and supplement yourself with protease. It's a digestive enzyme that helps you digest protein and is very safe for consumption. If you can find NESS brand, that's the absolute best. However, you can ask the clerk for the best options. Many people, including myself, don't produce enough protease. Not only is it a digestive enzyme, but we produce it in our sleep. The lack of this enzyme can often lead to gout. As soon as I started taking it, the pain went away. I don't know if that will happen with you, but it can at least stop any more uric acid from being produced.