Uric Acid Hi dear people in steadyhealth I am 62 and I have Gout for about 20 years, I am 5.9" and 190 lb and I have a little gouty tophi on my toe Since a month ago I have started doing : 1- Daily walking of at least 3 hrs ( fast ) 2- Watching my gout diet 3- Drinking at least 6 glasses of alkaline ionized water of pH 9 4- I stopped taking any medicine 5- I had no gout attack since I started my new lifestyle After a month I had my blood test result, what really surprised me was my high uric acid of 10.1 everything was fine except Uric Acid. I figured every day I am burning a lot of calories and that can produce uric acid in my body. I am aiming to reach around 165 lb and stay there. What I need to do with my Uric Acid. Do I need to take medicine or just stay with my path Thanks for your valuable advises