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On Monday, December 28, I got diagnosed with strep & the doctor prescribed me Cefadroxil to take for an antibiotiic. Im still in a lot of pain, I can't hardly swallow still. Im just really hungry & want to be able to eat. I can't even eat soup/broth. Do I need to call my doctor for a stronger prescription or just be patient & let the antibiotic take it's course?


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hey Christian,

it may take another day or so for the antibiotics to start showing their effects but i would have expected to see some improvement by now. have you had a fever? if so do you still have it? i would wait another day then go back but this time ask/demand for a cultre/sensitivity. this will tell the doctor what antibiotics and what strength will be effective against the strain that you have. more and more antibiotics are becoming ineffective due to over perscribing and people not finishing 100% of their perscription.

i'm not going to go into a whole shpeal on the issue but i would have one done so you can get on a perscription that works.

remember take 100% of the perscription even if you feel totally healthy.

keep us updated :-)


Thanks for responding! No, I am not running any fever. I haven't been running fever since I started taking the antibiotic. I will definately take all of my prescription; I work in the dental field so I know how important it is to finish an antibiotic. ;-) I'll be sure to give my doc a call if I still don't have functioning tonsils.