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I have been diagnosed with rosacea and my doctor prescribed antibiotics. I would like to hear from someone who treated rosacea with antibiotics. What were the results?


I was diagnosed with rosacea and was immediately prescribed two topical antibiotics. After long term prescribed antibiotic use, I was happy and satisfied I am with the results.
I began to notice an improvement in my skin and I have stopped using the topical antibiotics. My skin has improved dramatically. It wasn’t longer an angry red, continually dotted with swollen red bumps and unhealed blemishes.


I went through about 12 different rosacea treatments before I found one that worked. The funny thing was that after spending thousands of dollars, the best medicine was actually the cheapest one!! First of all, make sure you are going to a dermatologist. Regular family doctors will only give you benzol peroxide wash and tetracycline antibiotics (like doxyxycline) and those make it WORSE!!! They may also try to sell you on "Oracea" an antibitotic which costs $200, does nothing to help the situation, and gives you really bad gas.

What you need to get is called "Metrogel." its a clear gel that you put on your clean face before bed and when you wake up in the morning your skin is clean and the redness is gone and it has never felt softer! It only costs around 25 dollars but you need a prescription for it.
I also get glycolic facial peels once a month, they help immensely and dont hurt...just sting a little, but you can wear makeup right after and they dont turn your face all orange like in Sex and the City...LOL.
Most important thing I have noticed is to wear a moiturizing, non comedic (that means it doesnt clog your pores) SUNSCREEN. Sun damage is the main thing that makes your rosacea worse!!

Hope that helps. :-)


Just to put in my 2 cents...

there is no "one size fits all" treatment for rosacea. For example: while metrocream worked well for the previous poster, it burned my face off when it was prescribed to me. Like, BURNED my face OFF. Ouchy.

There are about as many "treatments" for rosacea as there are people who have it. And many of these treatments are lies and marketing, and cost a ton of money. I would highly recommend seeing a Dermatologist, and one who is very experienced with rosacea treatments at that.

You need to really do your research with rosacea, because you want to avoid anything that is going to make the problem worse, or irritate your skin further. There is a great forum specifically for rosacea, which can help teach you about all the different treatments out there- and most importantly, what works:
When I was first diagnosed, that site was a godsend for me.

Of course, there is no cure for rosacea. After a year of trial and error though, my skin looks 100% better than it did when I was initially diagnosed. Here are some treatments I use:

Finacea gel
Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion
Paula's Choice 1% BHA lotion
50 mg doxycycline/day
IPL treatments every other month (until I decide they're no longer helping)

and don't forget a good physical sunscreen (SPF 30+ is best for rosacea) as well as a gentle cleanser.


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