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Hello Everyone,
As you can tell by the Title... I have Strep Throat.  I'm fifteen years old and a male. This is my first time ever having Strep.  I usually have a Sore Throat frequently but never Strep.  I never knew that Strep hurt so much :(.

But why I'm here is because I've had it for about five days.  That seems like a very long time for me?  I've been taking antibiotics for it, taking some cough drops, taking advil, and taking tylenol.  Eventually the doctor gave me some numbing swallow to numb my throat, which doesn't help whatsoever:dizzy:.  The pain is almost unbareable.  I can't sleep for more than a hour without waking up.  I only had about three hour of sleep in total last night.

I drink water very frequently.  I gargle my throat with warm salt water, I gargle with listerine occasionaly, I drink orange juice, I drink tea, I drink warm milk with honey, I eat ice-cream, I eat yogurt, I drink soup.

I just don't know what to do anymore.


Call you doctor back. Your antibiotic might not be working.