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I'm sorry about the nature of this topic, but the sh*t is not hitting the fan. i wish it was. about me. i am a 37yo type 1 diabetic. my last CBC 4 weeks ago was almsot normal 8.6 A1C ( glycohemoglobin average. ) my MCHC was 30.7. didnt see the rest, so either it was normal or doc didnt seemto want to read into it. anyhoo, ive got flank pain in both sides, and in lower back, bilateral neuropathy, being treated with neurontin. before i started with doc. ( 6 weeks ago) i was taking 10 aleve per day to deal with pain. constipation issues started before doc terminated me in nov'10 anyhoo, at thetime, between BM's was once every 4 days. semi normal. now its lengthened. to well over a week. i take 6 stool softeners per day.  in september i tried magnesium citrate aka sh*t in a bottle. doc says start taking this and be looking for a bathroom. ( said i was full of sh*t. aka full of stool. ) so i obliged. after 20 mins arrival @ home. i went. diahhrea type . 20 mins later repeat, and 2 times mroe that night. and 4 times later that week. since that time. its lengthened to once  aweek. ( using lax. pills. or stool softeners. then once every 1.5 weeks. same treatment protocol. ( no doctor. uninsured atm)  am weak, unstable on feet, cannot concentrate etc. now am at/over 2 weeks between movts. have tried magnesium citrate again 3 weeks ago. 2 days later, 1 nugget. and some farts. tried that stuff again last week. nothign except a fart. a MINOR nugget. about 1" long and 1/2" across. so basically nothing. have no desire to eat. i MAY eat 1500-1800 calories per day. am owrried. nothign they suggest or i try works. now my meds:

daily insulin 70/30 @25 units twice daily

gabapentin: 3 100mg pills 2x daily

2 tramadol once per dose, twice daily.

and hydrocodone as needed once daily. narcotics havent stopped me in the past. legally or otherwise.

abdomen is bloated. a slight burning sensation across entire abdomen, with tympany.  but i have sucha high tolerance for pain after dealing with this sh*t ( puns not intended)  that it is difficult to explain how im feeling. which is not well. but all docs do is take xray tell em im full of sh*t and send me home wiht a 1000 bill. . i need help this is getting mentally taxing. and im sure my large intenstine has swelled to beyond normal limits Eh?, PLEASE HELP



10 alive a day could cause you to not have bowl movements most pain meds can cause no bowl movements