Hello all,

I am at 5 weeks post op and I am experiencing some itching, minor bleeding when I wipe. I have a rather large lump on the outside of my anus. I seen the doc last week for a follow up and he tells me this is scar tissue and will be sore and may take up to 1-2 months to flatten out and go away. It is sore and the bleeding comes from it after BM's. I am concerned and was wondering if anyone is going through the same post-op issues.

The thing that is really an issue is the oozing I get when I itch and sometimes just from sitting. I think it is just liquid from the rectum and it occasionally seeps out. It causes a rash which is painful (like diaper rash) and I have to use my wet wipes to clean the area then A&D ointment to relive the irritation. I am going to call the doc today but he never seems to have time to talk or is quick with me because he is busy.

Any info or suggestions are truly appreciated. I am still waiting for the day that I am happy that I went through with the surgery. Don't get me wrong, I needed to get rid of 3 internal and 2 external hemi's but I am still experiencing some pain and irritation. I am trying to be patient but this is discouraging at times with these symptoms that seem to linger.

Thanks for your feedback and I hope this might help someone that is going through as well. Have a good day everyone.

John in Arizona