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Had a neuroma nerve removed 3 weeks ago - just now out of post op boot - OMG - I can't walk w/o feeling like I'm stepping on a nail (sharp end inside my foot) - a very, very sharp and intense pain when I try to support my weight (129 lbs) and it's not even near the incision or area where the neuroma was. What the heck is this?? I just saw my doc 3 days ago but I hadn't been out of the boot yet. This pain is worse than the neuroma - I can't walk at all. I would rather have the neuroma back!


Also suffering more than 2 years after surgery, feel like I'm walking on pebbles. Have 24/7 numbness and if the foot gets cold then the pain is unbearable, I am constantly rubbing and massaging the foot.  I wish I'd never had this done. Why is the op being constantly given when the results are so poor, is it just a moneymaking excuse for the surgeons?  I feel miserable and fed up and the only people who can appreciate this are those that are having the exact same problems,  i am no longer able to wear a nice shoe and I LOVE's so unfair. I feel miserable and worse I have arthritis in my big toe and am told i need surgery, I am afraid and have been putting this off for the past year. I don't know which part of my foot is the worst? I don't know which part is upsetting the other the most? And sadly I dont think the podiatrist surgeon does either?!

if you have a choice, don't have the op, put up with the pain you know!