Hi. My boyfriend and I have not had "regular" vaginal sex, as we are waiting until the time is right. However, we have had anal sex and he doesn't always ejaculate inside the anus hole (I'm not entirely certain what that's called), and sometimes ejaculates directly outside of it. I always clean up really good afterwards, for fear of the semen dripping.
Last Saturday (March 27, 2010), I got drunk the night before and had a hangover. I was vomiting everywhere. I had just gotten over my period at this time. My boyfriend and I still had anal sex that day.
Ever since then, I have had a stomachache every morning when I wake up that continues throughout the day sometimes. I have asked friends (one whom is pregnant) whether there is any possible way for the semen to drip into my vagina. We have anal sex when we're laying on our sides. I'm laying on my side and he's spooning me with his penis in my anus on his side, also. There is no way that his penis has ever entered my vagina. I'm not really more moody than usual, and I'm not sure if I've been gaining weight or not. My boobs don't hurt and aren't getting bigger. I also don't pee more than usual. I haven't experienced cravings and I haven't gotten vomiting "morning sickness."
I have asked friends of mine whether it's possible for semen to drip into your vagina and swim upwards to get you pregnant, and they've all said no. I always take care of it almost immediately after he ejaculates.
I've been freaking out about this for about a week now, and I haven't taken a pregnancy test. Please help me. I really hope I'm freaking out over nothing. So far, the internet has been no help; as everyone disagrees with one another.
Thanks so much.