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Man, what to do? I have had some on again, off again stomach cramping for the past 2 days. The pain has gotten better but it is still very annoying. I had some diarrhea on day 1 but now I am constipated. I don't have any other symptoms...I have been pretty tired though, usually get around 7 hours of sleep each night though.

Cramping, constipation....usually doesn't matter what I eat. Pain comes and goes...and when it's present it isn't terribly painful. Again, more annoying than anything.

Should I see a doctor?


Are these cramps completely unrelated to menstrual cramps? I’m asking because your post is in Reproductive Organs & Vaginal Problems forum and it definitely sounds to me that what you have is stomach flu. Stomach flu usually goes away in few days, it has always for me and it’s not normally considered something that requires professional medical attention, except when it lasts more than five days and shows no signs of easing down. You need to take a lot of fluids and to adjust your diet – eat easily digestible food, like rice and maybe some whole grain crackers to help you with constipation. But replenishing fluids because of the diarrhea is most important.