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About three months ago i was diagnosed with hepatitis a ,the doctor told me that my hepatitis was acute and it didn't do any damage to my liver,i was happy and ready to go back to my life;But after a month of recovery (just drinking water) because thas t's what the doc told me to do,i started to feel stomach cramps all the time,sometimes three days a week sometimes one day a week,i started to drink green tea ..and yes i felted better but i couldn't take it i went to a Liver Specialist ,he cheked me out ,i had stool test hecame out ok,blood test ,my liver enzymes wer perfectly okay..i had a cat scan everything was normal..but i still have this stomachaches,somtimes when i touch my navel area the pain goes trhough my whole stomach..
Im tired i feel weak,i been in the emergency room in this past months like about 7 times,thinking it was my liver that i was sick ..but NO..for them it might be me..who is putting myself things in my head ..but im not .I have lost two jobs because i cant take somedays the pain..and it worries me that when i eat breakfast my stomach feels horrible ,i feel bloated and nauseas and most of the time i have loose stools (sorry if i being to graphic)but i need someone who can help me . This pain sometimes its not too strong but i know is there..sometimes it hurts me on the right side or on the left side or both at the same time..
Please help :-(


Liver problems often lead to inflammation of the pancreas. Did you have your pancreas checked?