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Has anyone out there been diagnosed with gastritis  but is having chronic abdominal pains, a little bloating but a feeling of a lump in the abdomen right above the navel that if you push it, it make your stomach feel like its being pushed up to your throat.  Had colonoscopy 3 years ago that was clear and also had MRI done, checking liver, pancreas and gallblader, all and also a MRI of my blood vessels supplying the bowel and that came back with stenosis of the celiac artery.  I'm worried about stomach cancer as I had chronic inflammation of the stomach as I have pernicious anaemia, but my abdomen is what is causing me the most  distress right now.  Can anyone help?


You should get an Upper& Lower G I . They scope you down your throat, then they go the other end. YOU WILL be asleep!   Don't take that long to do, about 30 minutes. The worst part is going through the "PREP"!  They want your insides as cleaned, so they can see with a scope, when they go in. You won't feel a thing! When you wake up you Might  have a little bit of a sore throat.  I have had over 10- 12 in the past 12 years. You might have Crohns Disease. You should see about getting this done A.S.A.P.  Because it could be something & it might not.        

                                                                     I wish you WELL,