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i am a 19 year old male and i have been suffering with feeling sick ever since i was young. recently its got a lot worse. i work 12 hour nights and since ive started working the symptoms have got worse. im feelig sick all of the time and has recently been accompanied with stomach pain, (anything from slight twinging to sharp pains) also i get dihorreah regulary. the feeling gets worse if im hungry and strong mints seem to ease it. A doctor said it could be irritable bowl syndrome but the tablets he prescribed dont do anything.


It sounds like you have gastritis, possibly acccompanied by a stomach ulcer. I had an ulcer which would give me sharp pains, temporarily aleviated by eating; it also made me feel quite nauseous the majority of the day. It's really simple to cure though, just go to your doctor and ask for acid reducing medicine such as pantoprazole. If you've had this problem for a long time it might also be worthwhile having an endoscopy where a doctor, using a thin tube with a small camera on the end, has a look inside your stomach.

Hope this is helpful and you start feeling better soon.