Hi I am a 19 year old female.
For the past 4 months i have been experiencing constant stomach pain just behind my navel and accross the bottom of my stomach. Everytime I eat or drink I experience the pain, along with nausea, heat flashes and the urge to go to the bathroom immediatly (diarrea/soft bowel movwements, sometimes there is "oil" in the toilet after I have a bowel movement) (sometimes i throw up what I just ate). My stomach is constantly bloated and inflammed it hurts to touch! I am irratible,exhusted and am too embarrased to go out with my friends because whenever i eat I have to immediartly go to the bathroom.
I went to my doctor when the pain first started and she prescribed me prevacid and said i had the flu. I went back a week ago because the pills aren't helping and my pain is getting worse. She sent me for a blood test and other tests that i have to do.

As a side note 2 years ago I stopped eating dairy products becasue they upset my stomach (I eat minimal dairy products now)

THanks for your help!