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For almost 6 years now I've had pretty bad stomach issues. It started with just occasional stomach pains after I ate greasy foods, but has since then transformed into stomach discomfort after eating ANY food and every morning I wake up with the worst nausea as if I was pregnant. (After 6 years, it's pretty safe to assume that I'm not. Plus I'm not sexually active and never have been.) The nausea will usually go away after about an hour or two, and until then it's not safe to eat no matter how hungry I may think I am. If I do, it's a guarantee that I will be bed ridden for much longer than a couple hours. The nausea and discomfort are that bad. I've cut out almost all grease and sugar from my diet, which for a 19 year old is not normal or the funnest thing to do. My stomach pains aren't as bad after I eat since I did that, but the discomfort is always there, even after barely eating. I can look bloated after the smallest meals, and can gain and lose weight easier than most.
Also, I can go days without having any kind of BM. (The time period when it's easiest to lose weight.) It's not constipation, I've had that before and can tell when I DO have it. I just simply don't need to; there's nothing there to even try and go. It's as if my body hasn't digested anything in days, so I don't have a BM. I know that's not normal, but even with Miralax daily, I didn't have to go everyday. It'd be every other day or so and then I'd have one really big one with no problem. (When I'd lose 3-4 pounds seemingly instantly.)
I've had every test under the sun done, and some of them twice. They checked my gall bladder, and though the dye passed in just barely the right amount of time, they concluded I didn't have gall stones or any kind of blockage. I've had multiple CT scans, one during a rare attack that landed me in the hospital, and though there were little spots on the intestine, they said that the machines were known to show things that weren't really there. I had one test done a while back (I don't remember what it was called) that showed that my base level, especially when I slept, was through the roof, meaning I had basically no acidity in my stomach. That somehow lead to an IBS diagnosis and prescription after prescription of IBS medicines that did nothing but make my body feel weird.
I just did a little research on being able to feel a pulse in your stomach (my latest and weirdest symptom) and found out Betain HCL and an actual diagnosis of low stomach acid. I didn't even know that was possible. It seems to fit all of my symptoms, especially the discomfort after I eat. The only symptoms I'm not totally sure if it fits is the occasional BMs, and the morning nausea.
Please help! I am so tired of doctors that ignore my symptoms and instead create their own to fit their diagnosis because they have no idea what's going on. My friends at school are all concerned with my eating habits, thinking I'm slowly going anorexic, when really it's just more appealing to not eat then eat and be sick all the time. I'm getting married in March, too, so this possible diagnosis of low acid fixed by Betain HCL has my hopes up; that I can be rid of this before married life. Please please Help!!



I know that this post is nearly a year and half old, but everything that you have described is exactly what has been happening to me. I am 19 now and have had it happening for around 7 to 8 years. I was wondering if you ever found out what was wrong or if you are still suffering from it?

Hope all is well!!