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Hi, everyone and congratulation for your site, I am a student abroad and I am away from my family and my country, so it is difficult for me to ask for help as it feels that they don’t really understand me when I am trying to explain.

It seems that I have a problem with my stomach or something else and I don’t know what to do, i am at the middle of my exams and I really have to Finnish my course, that is the reason I suffer from extreme stress at the moment. I know it sounds silly but it’s not time for me to go in the hospital, moreover is very fearful as the illness I am thinking of all the time is cancer.

I am 28 yrs old, female when I was a child the only problem that I had was pain at my legs, and knees, and they check it and they didn’t find something. Then when I was about 18 I had an eye infection at the back of my eye and they gave me some medication to stop it. It has caused some damage but I didn’t have it again. In terms of my stomach I didn’t have any problems but I remember that I had some belching for no reason. Moreover at some point I had very low iron in my blood (I start to loose hair) as I don’t like eating meat but they gave me some tablets and now I am ok. My blood in general is not very strong as they don’t allow me to give blood.

My work back home was very stressful I never had regular meals the last 7 yrs during the summer time and when I am abroad studying during the winter my diet is poor as I don’t like the food here very much. Also I did some extreme diets two years ago trying to loose some weight. During this time my symptoms was mainly indigestion and constipation but not all the time.

Moreover about 5 years ago during my final exams I experienced severe stress and a red thing (external) had developed under my arm and another one at my right leg, they gave me some tablets and they went away. I have to say that the same time I started to have red skin on my arms something like psoriasis but not something severe it goes and comes back occasionally.

That was my medical history

The PRESENT PROBLEM is my stomach or digestive system........

The last two years I suffer 2 severe food poisoning (separate occasions)
They didn’t clean my stomach they just gave me some medication an injection. After that I have food sensitivity not all the time but I do have it sometimes.
When i am stressed my I have upset stomach as well
Another thing I have notice is a drop of white mucus in my stools but not all the time.
I have sometimes constipation but before my period 5-6 days it is not a problem, I think my body wants to clean everything out before my period. My periods are regular but I used to have longer ones 4 to 5 days now is 3 to 4 days.

FEW weeks ago I had some old cheese and I upset my stomach very much, I had a lot of pain and bloating but not diarrhea (it was one day before my period). Since that I was trying gradually with some rice and liquids to come back to normal. I lost my appetite and I was afraid to eat because I didn’t want to upset my stomach.

I thought that i am ok but I developed sensitivity to foods and my stomach is getting upset again, I lost my appetite

suddenly a week ago I felt something like blood taste in my mouth and it was blood in saliva (fresh and red), I went to a walk in center and they told me not to worry it happens

I had that blood taste two more times but with no blood in my saliva but I lost my appetite and my stomach is bloating all the time. Last night my stomach was upset again, I don’t know why and I had some sharp pains at my stomach up and low and a lot of gas. Now this morning I have no pain but the bloating is still here.........I don’t have any vomiting but a lot of belching. Is it symptoms before my period again?? I don’t know what to do or to think, what might be??? the last week was a horror for me I can’t live, I can’t do anything else, and I am thinking all the time about it.......

sometimes in the past I had a pain at the low right and my tongue is most of the time white. I want to eat but I am afraid to.

please give me some suggestions, I feel very low and desperate

thank you for your time and sorry for the very long e-mail


As far as I can tell, this seems like you might be having a problem with BOTH your appendix AND your gallbladder. My mom recently had her gallbladder removed and she had some of your symptoms. The only other thing I can think of it being is possibly a stomach ulcer at worst. As far as the white mucous in your stool, it seems most likely that your stomach, being upset, didnt digest parts of your food right. I really dont think thats something to worry about unless it starts happening more often. My advice is that you take regular doses of pepto and/or an antacid for a few days AFTER you take some ex lax ( to clean out your colon). Also increase your fiber and liquid intake, and see what happens. If you dont get better within a week or so, ask your doctor about it having something to do with your appendix or gallbladder. Hope this helps.


I've had some of your symptoms for almost a year. Seems my appendix was the cause of the problems as I finally came down with appendicitis and had it removed. I saw a gi for stomach pain and indigestion and sometimes constipation but my tests were normal. Hope this helps.



Please please go and see a doctor. If you are not feeling well then it is time to visit them. From what I can determine a lot of the previous ailments have been independent events. The stress from your work or studies will not help you, believe me, try to relax at least half an hour a day and also get plenty of sleep.
1)My first piece of advice is if you have had trouble with you tummy, dont go from eating to not eating, it will only aggravate it because it wont know how much acid to produce to digest (or not) whatever is in your tummy. After a period of illness, when it has settled, try something small to eat, just to line your stomach or if u really cant face that, a glass of milk (make sure pasturised if abroad) will help.
2) Eat little and often, whether ill or not, avoid big dinners in the evening and things high in fat as it takes more for the body to digest.
3) Eat fruit (make sure washed in clean water), vegetables, brown bread, rice and white meat and drink plenty of water.
4) If in foreign country, never drink the local water (or ice cubes) as these can contain bugs etc (usually ok in europe but if poorly drink bottled)
5) From what you have said it sounds like you suffer from Anemia (low iron count in ur blood), this can be caused by a few things but maybe from a bleed (ie stomach or small intestine) which may explain blood in ur mouth. IT can make you feel tired and lightheaded too. To help with the levels, eat foods containing lots of iron ie Watercress, Liver, green veg.
6) Foods best to help settle stomachs include, ginger, mint and licorice (but in small quantities or can give you diahorrea)

Basically all in all I recommend a visit to your doc, sounds like a potential ulcer. Dont leave there until you are happy that they are going to investigate (endoscopy), you dont have to suffer in silence.
Hope this helps XD


Sorry about your stomach problems. I can say I have had very similar problems with my stomach except never spit up blood. I have very bad digestive problem that started when I was quite young. They got complicated when I started eating pretty badly in the year 2000. That is when I ate so bad because I ate lots of junk/greasy food in this place I worked. Anyhow, I've tried all sorts of meds and Laxatives, Peptobismol, YOU NAME IT. I do better now after visiting X amount of different Doctors. I have some Lactose intolerance (dairy products) and get sick quite often when I over do it. I can't eat red meat without feeling sick afterward. -- I do eat it but if my stomach is EMPTY I'll be OKAY. Anyhow, I think you most likely have cause problems with your stomach because your bad eating habbits. STOP and get the help you need now before you find yourself TRULY REGRETTING it later on. And to me, I'm no expert but it sounds like you have an ULCER. P.S. Go to a DOCTOR ASAP. Hope this info helped!


Get some parasite testing done..

Here is a good site.. about parasites.. and some of doctors stupidity.

Hope it helps..


It sounds like you may have Candida. Do some research, a lot of it! Candida can be killed in you body, it's a yeast, and when overgrown it turns into a fungus. Feeding it white bread, sugars,dairy, fruits, anythign fermented will feed it, allow it to multiply, and cause many terrible symptoms - including many of yours. The white tongue is a sure sign.

Good Luck to you!


You need to research Candida, spend a lot of time researching it. There is a special diet you need to go on, avoiding many foods to kill off the yeast/fungus. It can't hurt to try it. It sounds like you have eliminated many things from your diet at this point, maybe not the right things, but at least you know you can do it. Sugar, anything that turns into sugar: bread, corn, fruit, carrots ... you need to avoid them also anything fermented, vinigars, sour creams, dairy. They will all feed the yeast. Then there are some supplements and cleanses you can you to clean out and help destroy the fungus.

Your white tongue is a sure sign.

Good luck to you!


Problem in stomach can occur because waste present in the colon are not thrown out properly that can stick to the colon such toxin harmful for our body.The problems occurs like abdomen pain , problem in bowel movement.