For the past week I've felt like I have severe stomach pains, so much so that its difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning or even stand for more than several minutes at a time. I have felt constipated and nauseous, and every now and then I go from feeling constipated to having diarrhea. When I have diarrhea, it feels and sounds like my intestine is trying desperately to work correctly, constantly sounding like its squeezing itself almost. It isn't watery either, it comes out rapidly and in chunks.

All through this, I feel very fatigued, and like I can't eat or I will just start throwing up. I find it difficult to get a drink even, without feeling like I need to spit the water back out.

All of these have been going on for the past week almost, although I have been waking up every morning for the past year or two now, with my stomach feeling as though its under a lot of pressure.