Hi people, can't even select the right words to describe whats happening to me. More than a year with this nightmare, can't get rid off it. Im an amateur Bodybuilder, so i did pretty strict diets in the past, as i did this year for being in decent form for summer. I did all kind of exams. Nothing seems to work, Doctors said that im good and my problem is mostly functional.

I did 10 weeks to loose weight, i get off the diet a lil' bit eating more cals and carbs, then BAM...  headaches start going trough days, diarrhea as well. Gas is smelly (like bad eggs) and i really have the feeling that my intestines are inflammed (small intestine). 

From what i have been reading, i suspect my problem has to do with SIBO, but i got tested for it and it went negative, Lactose intolarence  the same. 

I did get positive for Marsh 1 from a Biopsy of my intestinal mucus. But i didn't get positive for gluten intolerance.

I don't really know what to do, fatigue and headaches got me trough the floor.

Hope some one has experimented the same in the past.


Regards and thanks for your time.