(I'm a female, 17 years of age)
August last year I started feeling a strange bloating feeling in my abdomen, in December I got very constipated and then I felt extremely nauseated one day. This year February I got even more constipated and still am!! :-( I also got a little diarrhea, and my stool got watery, consistent and big, consistent and long and thin, consistent but like tiny balls... anyway, it keeps changing its shape. I also got nauseated a lot again and couldn't eat. I visited a doctor about the constipation and he couldn't help me very much. I had a blood test, urine and an x-ray of my abdomen and chest, it was all normal, except for the abdominal x-ray, because it showed a lot of feces inside of me, but I THINK that is not the reason of this constant abdominal discomfort that I am experiencing , which, by the way, it's only a discomfort, it almost never hurts at all. Also got a little pelvic pain. Notes: I have a irregular menstruation; panic disorder; depression (I heard these may cause abdominal discomfort).
I'll soon be going to the doctor, but can someone tell me what this may be? :-(