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! I need hellppp!!..... I had sex allmost 4 weeks ago.. it was unpertected.. and now I feel bloated and even feel my stomic getting harder... I got my period the next day after having sex.. but it only lasted 3 days and was light... He said he pulled out but im scared im pregnet.. im not feeling sick to my stomic.. I just feel bloated and like my stomics getting hard and I have bad headaces.. could I be pregnet or is it to soon to feel this wayy??


If it has been that long, when is your next period due? If you are that concerned, you can get a multi-pack of HPT's and use one now (first thing in the morning with first morning urine) and one a few days after your next period is expected.

Or, simply, goto your doctor and ask for a blood test, they are more accurate.