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So for about a month now I have had some unusual bowel movements and stools. My stools come out either in several separate hard balls, or as one very lumpy solid skinnier log.

I do have anus pain that I feel like is a hemmoroid, I started to drink metamucil 3 times daily but I just realized that the expiration date was 3 months ago... I do not know if that would effect any bowel movements negatively. 

I quit drinking soda and solely drink water now all day and plenty of it, I would say about 15-20 or more glasses a day so I am very hydrated throughout the day; as well as cut down on junk food and do not eat fried foods anymore.

I have recently been to the doctor for severe anxiety for the first time, my anxiety came out of nowhere one day and I have not been in the right mental state since but slowly getting better at managing it.

While at the doctors I had my blood work taken and everything came back normal.

My main concern is if it is something serious like cancer or IBS?

Some people say that stress and anxiety plays a role in bowel movements as well if you are nervous or worried all of the time which has been me for the past month.


Also, forgot to mention that when I do "go" to the bathroom it does not really feel like I completley empty my bowels.