A little over a year ago I noticed my bowel movements changing. I started regularly having bloody stools. I went to my doctor, had a colonoscopy and it was clean. They told me I probably had just hemrhoids, but I have been bleeding on and off again for over a year now. Also, it seems like maybe it is because I have hard stools. In the last 6 months I have noticed I get constipated constantly. So I started drinking more water and eating more fiber. Now I have to eat lots of fiber everyday, or the next day I will be constipated. Why is this? I was never like this before. Also, when I am menstrating it seems to be worse, and it hurts to have bowel movements while on my period. When I was a teenager ( I am 22 now) I would have painful bowel movements on my period and was given vioxx for inflammation. But now it has came back. The last time I went to the doctor, Sept 2, my urine test showed that I had blood in my urine too. The doctor did a ct scan of my lower abdominal area but that was clear too, they didn't see anything. I haven't been back since so I don't know if there is still blood in my urine. Anyone ever have these problems?? Also, I had tried taking metamucil and docsate daily but those didn't help, only eating actual fiber seems to help. Also in the past year, I have had blood tests show I am low in b-12, iron and protein at different times. Anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing this? I have never had any problems with bowel movements or constipation before this past year.