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Good day folks.

Yesterday, my cat was running through the garden, she was really playful.

But, I think that she was trying to catch mice or something like that.


I think that she did it, and she ate it..whatever it was, I was not able to see :/


After that, she started to have hard stool. Actually, I can see that she is in a pain, and I can’t help her. I know that I can take her to the vet, and I will do that, but before I do this, can you tell me some treatments for hard stool and constipation in cats?

Thanks in advance. 


Hello. I don’t believe that this is the reason why your cat has hard stool, but who knows, maybe it is. Constipations is difficult or infrequent bowel movements, and it is one of the most common health problems that are associated with pet’s digestive system. Depending on what is the cause of your cat’s constipation, your vet can recommend you some different treatments, such as laxative, high – fiber diet program, medications that can increase the contractile strength or maybe even surgery to remove obstruction of the bowels. Also, you can add fiber to your cat’s diet with maybe some canned pumpkin, and I am pretty sure that this will help. 



Hello everyone.


Yes, it can be caused by something that your cat ate, and it was not that good on her digestive system.

I really hope that this is not something serious, but of course, I think that you should visit the vet as soon as possible.


I was reading a little bit about constipation in cats, and I found out that mild cases of constipation without symptoms such as depression or vomiting, may be treated on an outpatient basis, at your home.The best ways is to give your cat some extra fiber or stool softeners.

Your cat will be just fine :)



Hey. If you can’t prevent it, you can try to treat it at your home. And, good news – it is easy.

You can treat it by adding bulk to the diet, because it can assist in mild cases of constipation.

Do this – add one teaspoon of unprocessed wheat bran, you can also add pumpkin, because they are really good to prevent constipation and to heal hard stool in your cat.


It is good because it is high in fiber and it has really high water content. Well, this can help bowel movements regular.

This is a good home treatment and it is natural.



Hey there.

It is really important for your cat to poop every day. When I see that this is not happening, I am always worried, so I am visiting the vet very often.

Yes, he is telling me that sometimes I am really annoying, but I can’t help it.

I have learning pretty much about this issue, so if I am treating my cat who has hard stool or who is constipated while eating a species appropriate diet, that is rich and nutritional, I am looking for some disorders, such as physical examination, blood work, etc.


It is not that hard to treat it, but if you don’t know which diet program is the best, you should always ask someone who knows.