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Good day friends.


My dog Carlitos is having a problem with his stool lately. I’ve noticed this two days ago.

We were at my mom’s home and he was playing all the time. But I saw when he ate some mushrooms from one plate.

I tried to stop him but it was too late. I was not that scared because mushrooms can’t harm him, right?

Later I saw that my sister’s kid was feeding him with chocolate bar. Since then my baby is having hard stool.

Is it because of the chocolate?

What to feed a dog with hard stool?


Hello. I don’t think that mushrooms are the reason why your dog is having a hard stool. Chocolate maybe is. You can treat it with meds or naturally. What is your choice? I believe that natural cures are your choice. They are my choice. When my dog is having a hard stool, I am giving him aloe juice. You can give him 1 / 4 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight. Do it once or twice daily. If this is not working, visit your vet and tell him to prescribe you probiotics and digestive enzymes. Plenty of water can give good results.




When my Boo is having a hard stool I give him Mercola Pro Bitoic and the Enzymes.

If this doesn’t work for you dog you can simply add fiber to the dog’s diet just to ease the bowel movements.

Canned pumpkin per day can increase the amount of the fiber in your dog’s diet. When you are choosing canned pumpkin you need to read the labels and make sure that there are no additives, no salt or sugar in it.


Two or three tablespoons won’t harm your dog, but it will help him a lot.

Don’t push it, three tablespoons are totally enough. A lot of fiber can cause him stomach problems.




I don’t think that those mushrooms caused loose stool in your dog either.

I’ve noticed that there are so many more dog owners whose dogs have problem with diarrhea than the ones with your problem.

My recommendation is apple cider vinegar. And please don’t make the mistake to give him laxatives meant for humans without talking to your vet. It can harm him.

And also I wouldn’t agree that you should try with high fiber diet, I wouldn’t give him grains, cereals and stuff like that. They are carnivores, they are not supposed to eat grains, that’s not in their natural diet.



I completely agree with Dalmatian-lover. People tend to make that mistake. And they

need to do is to go with laxatives formulated specifically for pets.

And you know what else? They sometimes give their pets home enemas. That is just

stupid. You are not even supposed to give them a suppository without your vets approval. Some

enemas (especially the ones that are commercially available) can be highly toxic for dogs.


And you know what else won’t help you? - Mineral oil. It will definitely not help and it can even cause serious damage if it happens to be inhaled into the lungs.



Hey. My sister is giving Mercola Probiotic as well to her dog when he has a hard stool. Don’t worry, this situation can happen to everyone.


Dogs and cats are just like they are. If they are playful just one second is enough for them to eat something that is bad for them.


Of course there are other solutions and I would like to recommend you Sea Cure. This is very good cure against dogs diarrhea. It is very, very powerful powdered supplement made of ocean fish.


I think that you don’t need vets permission to use it ;)


Good luck



Hello. I am totally against laxatives when it comes about to issue. I really think that there is no need to do this before you try some natural, home treatments. Probiotics and other meds are good as well but sometimes there is no need to use them. Some good canned pumpkin can be just fine and enough. If you are giving bones to your dog, you should stop doing this as well because this can be just one of the cause. High fiber diet should be helpful. Adding fiber to your dog’s diet with canned pumpkin can be just fine. One of the best products is Metamucil if you decide to give meds to your dog.



Hey everyone,

I don’t think that chocolate could do this. The only thing that chocolate can do is that it can harm his eyesight. I don’t really know much about mushrooms, but since chocolate can’t be the issue here, it could be the mushrooms.

I know a few vets who recommend a lot of exercise for your dog if he has hard stool. More than usual, twice as usual, as much exercise as you want. He won’t get tired, but you will though. And I also know that they recommend these probiotics  and additional dietary fiber. I also heard, believe it or not, that a massage can help a lot with this, too.