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Hi everyone,

I am a 19 years old Male, and in perfectly good health, even without any allergies, except for those very strange pains I have been getting since about a year. They are a kind of weird pain, not standard pain but a very strange kind of pain in my shoulder, left arm, chest, and sometimes the neck. They don't seem to appear in a particular pattern, just at random times, but especially at times when I'm in a kind of uncomfortable position, like standing / sitting in the tram, or on the church bench, which are uncomfortable to begin with because i am quite a tall person. Sometimes, it is just the left chest that hurts, sometimes just the right chest, sometimes just the shoulder, and sometimes just the arm, or neck, or all at the same time. They are annoying, but not to the extent that they could stop me from doing things.

Those pains are completely independent from physical exercise, and i can sprint until exhaustion, getting a heart rate of 160, letting that cool down, and still have no pains the whole day, and some other days I simply have those pains. I am honestly quite puzzled by these pains, but I am suspecting it might me something with the heart, which would really be a disaster for me, at my young age. Another theory of mine is that those pains are just muscle related, which i really hope they are.

I have seen a doctor about this, and the doc made an ECG on me, which was completely normal, and also a blood test, which also turned up completely normal, with standard cholesterol levels and everything. This doctor has told me it is nothing with the heart, but the thought it could acutally be dreads me. I am thinking if I should see a cardiologist to determine the cause of these pains. I hope you people can tell me what exactly this could be, and if i should go and see a specialised doc or not.



Hi im steve and im also a 19 year old male i am experiencing the same sort of pains within the last 4 to 6 months, in my left chest and left arm mainly like muscle pains and pain in my hands but sometimes i have pain in my right chest and arm, sometimes pain in neck as well.
I too have had an ECG done and the doctor said my heart was fine and healthy, it is a little worrying but only when i get the pains, my mother is a cardiac research technician and comes into contact with patients who have all sorts of heart problems and she doesnt thing there is a real problem, but it is still not 100% reasurring when the pain crops up its all you can think about, but from people i have talked too and my doctor it can be a multitude of things,i had some pills prescribed to me for a month which helped get rid of the symptoms of gastritus which is the stomach fluids coming back up the osophogus which can apperently cause pan anywhere and all over your body, these pills were called omeprazol. Once i had taken these pills for a week and a bit the pains started to cease but then once i finished the prescription it didnt take more than a couple of weeks to come back, so maybe its that, i know my father has been on omeprazol or a few years now.
Another theory is that it is lactic acid build up's in our body, Maybe from short outburst of excersize or heavy lifting, this is the same stuff that gives u cramp, hope this was some help.


Hi, I know this post was written a while ago. Since then, have you found out more on these strange pains?? I am 20 and have the same thing. You explained it perfectly. When I have the pain, I'm terrified of sudden heart-related death, as people say the left side of their body pains before a heart attack. However, I have had this pain SO many times throughout my life (can't remember how far back it goes). But I'm still alive and quite healthy. I hear it may be dehydration (anginal pain), or vitamin D deficiency. I hope it is either of those. If it's my heart, that's not good. I'd love for some helpful responses to this.