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I am an 18 year old female

I have been having chest pains in the left side since 22nd July 06 and are still continuing today

The pain is hard for me to describe but it also continutes to my left arm and causes a discomfort in my neck on the left side

I occasionally get nausia with the pain

The pain can last for up to 15 minutes at a time and comes multiple times a day, at anytime.

The pain does not seem to be associated to any particular movements or activities

Doctors say its nothing but it still continues nearly 2 years later so there must be a cause!

It is extremelly worrying to me, someone please help me, any ideas welcome.



It's possible that a rib could be out enough to cause you pain. This has happened with me before. I suggest you see a chiropractor (if one doesn't work for you, see another; you may need to go "shopping").

If that doesn't work, perhaps see a homeopath or naturopath of some kind. It's at least worth a shot at getting some relief.


Unfortunately you are being put in the category of "Chronic Pain" at this point. Doctors will be reluctant to help you at this point because many of their colleagues done all the tests they would do.

If your CK MB and Troponin were not elevated during these episodes I doubt they would have sent you for a stress test. Add to that your EKG was probably normal as well.

I'm also sure they have done Chest X-rays and perhaps a CT to find the source of the pain.

If you can not find a medical cause you should explore the possibility that this is a psychological reaction. Your body often manifests Anxiety in symptoms like Chest Pain, sweating, nausea, etc.,

Can you describe how you feel when these episode of chest pain happen? Do you feel nervous? Can you feel your heart beating etc.,


I never feel the same way when the pains occur. they always come at different times, they could come when im just talking, cooking dinner, watching tv, walking, having a shower etc...
I have been given many different pain medications to take for it, but i dont want to use them to mask the pain. I dont go to the doctors to get meds i just want to know whats causing the pain cause im very worried about it.
I have had chest x-rays so i am guessing maybe they would have seen if a rib was out? maybe not im not sure if they x-rayed that far down.

i am naturally a worry wart i will admit it but as the pains come even when i am spaced out watching tv i highly doubt that they are just me cuasing them myself through exadgerration or worrying.

i have had chest x-rays and blood tests. The only things the blood tests showed were that I have anemia and low folate. Neither of which would be a contribution to the pains.

Could it be anything to do with a problem with my heart...thats what im really worried about.

Thanks everyone for your help, keep the ideas coming!!


I've had the same feeling..
I read through the forums that are what I'm feeling.
Almost every topic has that same thing in common.

I worry way too much, maybe that is what is causing this?

I've also had the chest pain, left arm pain, and numbness of the neck for almost two years. And I'm only sixteen!

I've never seeked medical attention for it, though.


I have similar pain and was just recently diagnosed with Myofasical Pain Syndrome (AKA Chronic Myofascial Pain). The main difference between my symptoms and yours though is that my pain is made much worse when I do activities, such as cook, clean anything I do with my arms for the most part. The pain doesn't necessarily come in spurts for me. But the other thing you might want to check into is fibromyalgia. These are two problems that are related and hit a lot of females who are not properly diagnosed. You can go to and see if it helps at all. Whatever is wrong I hope you find out soon if you have not already. Good luck.


I have also had chest pains and left side shoulder pain on and off now for the past year. At first the Dr. did blood work which showed I was anemic too. During that time I had an EKG, stress test and chest x-ray, all normal. He recommended iron pills and within a few months the anemia was gone and the chest pains stopped so I stopped taking the iron pills due to cramping and nausea that they were causing. Within these past few weeks the chest pains have been worse then ever. Dr. did more blood work and now I'm back to being severely anemic again. Tomorrow I'm having a cat scan of my heart. If this comes back normal I'm wondering if the anemia has anything to do with the chest pains. It just seems too coincidental as you said your blood work showed anemia as well.


I have the same pain I have had it for 7 weeks now my dr said it could be caused by the nerve clusters in my lower cervical vertebra