Hello all,

I am having some weird chest pains recently and ECG and heart attack enzymes (troponin=0) are OK. Can anybody please shed some light on this and help me worry less that it is heart attacks or angina.

OK so here is the story...

Recently I have been diagnosed with Fatty Liver with High Blood Pressure and Pre-Diabetes. I am taking (for liver) 1.HEPALIP FORTE (essential phospholipids) and 2. HEPATIL is ornithine aspartate.

I was taking (for High Blood Pressure) lisinopril (lopril) for 10 days (almost every day - since I didnt know what food contained salt - once I figured it out - I eat less salt and I have normal BP but food tastes awful) but I think that Lopril gave me tingling/tickling of the skalp (Parasthesia - listed as one of the side-effects).

Doctor switched me to 1x10 mg Pritor® aka Telmisartan aka (Micardis®/). I took ONE 10 mg in the morning and I got some chest problems (described below) the same night. But I took Pritor 10mg ONLY ONCE more 2 nights after that.

The pain in the left chest area and in the left arm and the first time it happened I went to emergency room thinking the worst, but my enzymes were ok (troponin was 0 - which indicated nothing wrong with the heart)

The pain is sometimes low and dull (like feeling tired) and some times is tingling and sometimes it is sharp and sometimes it is burning. It is mostly in the left side of chest, but sometimes something similar happens in right side of chest or upper or lower chest. Pain never radiates. It lasts for few seconds to few minutes. Also changing body position makes it better (sometimes) (I know this dependence on position indicates it is not heart - but still - what is it).

Doctor also ignores it (prescribed me something to calm me down (small dose of bezodiazepan) since my EKG was ok and enzymes are ok.

There has been a week since I have taken the Pritor/Telmisartan (so I am not sure if that was it - sidefect of Pritor/Telmisartan), and I still have the chest pains and burning every so often, sometimes they dont happen for several hours.

Could it be the Omega 3 capsules ? - before the problems started I was taking capsules with 18% of EPA and two days before chest pain I started taking capsules with 50% EPA.

Can anybody please shed some light on this and help me worry less that it is heart attacks or angina?

Mr Negatron