I'm horribly scared. m anus has been itching a lot lately. But it sees to never be around when i'm out and about but when i'm not very active in my room. mostly past six i have horrid anus itching. i at first thought it was some irritations from my under wear being to tight...
but now it hasn't gone away. I checked my anus to night to find something horrbile
when i looked at it it seemd normal but i had to shove out my anus a little bit and pull out the coiled skin from with in and i saw a tiny tiny red bump. it's the size of a bad pimple. I am assuming that that is the culprit of my terrible itching. I don't know what to do about it. I don't believe it is a hemroid. it is
very very small. smaller then a Pea... smaller then a rice grain but like a small sand grain? it is like a little camel hump that protrudes. It itches like crazy and right now i'm resisting from rubbing it. :-(

please, what should I do?