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I don't really know how to explain this but I will try.
Ok right where my heart is (but on my back side instead, so like behind my heart) there is this thing that I feel needs to be cracked or stretched out. Sometimes when i lay on my left side and breathe in really deeply it will crack giving me abnout 5 minutes of relief. It does't Hurt and infact I go throughout the day not noticing it most of the time. The first time i noticed it was @ 17. I am now 23. There is no bone sticking out, rash or change of colour in the skin in the area. I tried looking for it on the net but just don't know how to describe it. SO i ll siply make a list of everything i know how 2 descrbe this thing. Oh yea i used to frequently break dance maybe i asuume this could be a cause but i am no doctor

behind heart under left shoulder blade - there is a feeling of something being needed to be stretched or cracked.

laying on left side and deeply inhaling SOMETIMES causes area to crack.

sitting up straight and DEEPLY inhaling makes me feel like if its almost going to crack.

when breathing in (normally) it feels like my lungs want to expand but there is anobject poking at them... nothing sharp tho, almost like a rock i guess is how i would explain it

sometiems it also feels like a punch to the area would force it to crack and provide releif as well.

I'm really sorry guys that is the best way i know how to describe this thing. If anybody has any idea of what i may be talking about please get back to me. Thanks in advance and sorry about the grammar.


Hi there,


I know this is an old post but I had a similar problem for about 2 years. (I am now 39 Female) I had the same sensations pretty much straight after an unrelated surgery.  I had heart stress tests, heart ultrasounds, chest and bone xrays and nothing showed up.  It gradually got worse and I ended up with quite a bit of anxiety because of it worrying that it was cardiac related.  The Doctor thought that it was caused by anxiety but it was the pain and discomfort that was causing the anxiety.

My Dr then suggested seeing an Osteopath, not really knowing too much about them but said that patients had reported success with an Osteopath for a variety of symptoms.

I went to see the Osteopath who made a few mild, painless 'adjustments' that did not seem as though they would do anything much.  HOWEVER, that night, was the first time in nearly 2 years that I could sleep comfortably and I was so relieved I had tears of joy! (knowing that it was more an alignment problem than cardiac/lung issue and that it could be remedied)

 I went back to the Osteopath about 4 more times at increasingly longer intervals and have not been back now for about 5 months.

I still get very very mild sensations but they do not worry me as much and will probably book in an appointment soon as 'maintenance'.

Hope this helps