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For about a week now I've been getting these odd sensations in my stomach right along my belly button area and slightly below. They are not painful at all but feels sorta like a pulling/pressure/smothering kinda sensation. At times I'd almost say it's an odd numb sensation, just very weird. They come and go (not constant), and I've not had a fever or any other symptoms besides those. As a matter of fact, I'd say besides this I feel just fine.

Also if it helps, it seems to be more on the left side when I'm not laying down.

I can't find any info on it online anywhere and since I lack insurance I hate to just run to the doctor. Anyone have a clue what it might be?


Hi i have been suffering things like that as well.  Starting about 3 months ago i really thought i was expecting the weird sensations was unreal it felt like a baby kicking standing or sitting and even worse when i was lying down started on the right side then moved to left side. while lying in bed i noticed and felt what was like a foot coming up by my belly button, went to the doctors the following day and he has refered me to the hospital because he thinks that i have a hernia.

Have you ever sufferd from IBS i suffer from this and notice that when i eat red meat or an excess of bread or tomotoes i suffer more.

Also had a scan for my kidneys, liver and gall bladder all came back clear. had a ovarian cyst removed 4 yrs ago because that ruptured and they took my appendix out at the same time.